Using CoreOS on vCloud Air On Demand

CoreOS is a popular Linux distribution for applications that use Docker Containers. The following article describes the steps to install CoreOS on vCloud Air On Demand. The use of vCloud Air Command Line Interface makes the process easier to document and more convenient to follow.

vCloud Air Command Line Interface

As a cloud provider, VMware vCloud Air has a rich set of functionality available to users through the Portal and the API. With the release of the vCloud Air Command Line Interface (vca-cli), users have now another method to access the service and leverage the benefits of scripting for automation and documentation purposes.

Running Containers on vCloud Air

In this post I will describe how to run containers on VMware vCloud Air. I will use the Ubuntu template available in the catalog. Since the base image needs additional packages, it is important to make sure the new virtual machine has Internet access. vCA

Containers Are The New Components

A few weeks ago I was trying to summarize my initial experience with containers to a friend. We know each other from the BEA Systems times, back in the late 90s, and we have a similar background on middleware and distributed systems. Using that common experience, I thought that a good analogy would be to compare containers with EJBs, with a new twist on the term “container”.